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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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newsroom monitoring egyptair and a crash confirmed by the president. what we know at this point coming up. sweeping new gun proposals up for discussion at the state capitol. the crucial vote happening in the state senate that could tighten gun laws in california. making pit stops in the bay area bernie sanders presses forward in california where he might be headed next. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. hopefully things are moving along. >> only stop for coffee. >> temperature is subsiding. >> it will feel so much better today. we had 90s in parts of the bay area yesterday. as you head out, this is what you can expect. a few clouds and fog this morning. sunrise at 5:55.
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we'll see it hot once again later today. widespread 60s and 70s. the fog returns tonight. sunset will be at 8:14. i'll talk more about that cooling coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking flowing to the east. >> let me clarify. we talked about pit spots. we are stopping here at the bay bridge just for the cash payers, fastrack slow again. it's just all what it over to the east that folks are coming out of the all the mont pass. 580 does slow. no lanes blocked and it is eastbound where that paving work continues overnight. it may have only two lanes closed this morning. back to you. >> thank you. we go to breaking news we've been following overnight and reported as soon as we came on air. egyptair flight departing from paris vanished off the radar initially. now the search is continuing to find that plane but had dozens
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onboard. kris sanchez tracking all the updates for us this morning. what do you know? >> the french president francois hollande is confirming this morning he believes the plane crashed off the coast of egypt and that it is too soon to speculate as to why. president hollande said nothing is being ruled out at this point and while investigators search for answers, the victims' families will be supported. here is a look at that egyptair press conference happening in cairo right now. the greek defense minister saying the plane was in egyptian air space at 37,000 feet cruising altitude when it was making sudden swerves. here is a look at flight tracker of egyptair 804 an airbus plane that traveled from paris to cairo. no confirmation on where that plane may have come down. only that it disappeared from radar shortly after the pilot told civil aviation authorities that everything was routine.
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there were 66 people onboard. 56 passengers. we understand there were three security personnel. we are trying to dig more into that this morning. one child, two infants. greek civil aviation authority banned flights 40 miles around that last point of contact with flight 804 and are search buying air and in the water off the egyptian coast as far out as 170 miles. security analysts told nbc news that the current indications are leaning toward some sort of abrupt incident as opposed to some gradual malfunction. as the president of france said, everything is still on the table. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you. as this story continues to develop throughout the morning, you can follow the very latest on our website. go to for up to the minute information. we'll tweet that out as well as put it on facebook.
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>> officials investigating a u.s. air force b-52 crash in guam. the bomber aborted take-off and crashed shortly after. all seven people were able to get out safely and unhurt. as what the the case at home where a concord home burst into flames. everyone got out safely from that house. the they are not sure what sparked the fire. a man was shot and killed in an incorporated area of contra costa county. that shooting happened yesterday afternoon near napa avenue in the rodeo area. sheriff's deputies responded to calls of shots fired. the victim was found later in a hospital where he died. investigators are not releasing the victim's name but asking people with any information to come forward. 5:04.
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the case surrounding a missing millbrae father is considered a homicide investigation. keith green disappeared last month leaving his wallet and car at home. his cell phone was found in golden gate park the next day. deputies found his body in a field off highway 101. detectives are not saying how he was killed. >> it's been determined as a homicide by evidence found at the scene. i can't go into further detail. >> investigators say green's body was identified through dental records. california law makers will consider sweeping new measures to limit the sale of gun in the state that has the tightest laws in the country. state senators are to vote on several gun control bills one that includes outlawing the sale of assault rifles. one measure would push tighter
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restrictions. steph chuang is in san francisco and will bring an update in a half hour. bernie sanders made the rounds in the bay area yesterday. his campaign started in the south bay and ended in vallejo last night. at each stop he drew an excited crowd of supporters. >> hundreds showed up to support sanders. he says he is looking for the people of this country. >> working families of this country should not be subsidizing the wealthiest families in this country. >> despite trailing in the delegate count, sanders told us he believes he can still be the democratic nominee. he continues his campaign in california. expected near san diego this weekend. the june primary which is critical for clinton and sanders now is less than a month away. hillary clinton will be back in the bay area the former secretary of state will attend a fund-raiser with her husband
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bill clinton. the gop presumptive nominee donald trump is accusing bill clinton of rape. trump made those comments during a fox interview. >> it's about exposure and another case about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> the woman in question jaunta broderick said there was no assault. he denied it and was never charged. trump is feeling attacked and licking his wounds. trump making some local headlines. took a swipe at oakland and oakland's mayor sounding off. trump called oakland one of the most dangerous places in the world. the mayor responded by saying there is another place that is much worse. she wrote on twitter, the most dangerous place in america is donald trump's mouth. the crime rate in oakland is improving. violent crime, robberies and nonfatal shootings having declined in the past two years.
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a live look at downtown san jose which may get a boost if transportation funding and preliminary plans for a new tax come to pass. looking at local highways there. that is 880? >> 101. >> or it's 101. it's hard to tell in the dark. leaders are considering a half cent sales tax measure for the november ballot. it would bring in billions of dollars of new revenue, funding that would extend b.a.r.t., improve roads and update commuter lines. 7-10 voters would support this tax plan. they need 2/3 majority to pass that measure. cooling temperatures. >> we are in for cooler temperatures starting today and continues to cool over the next couple of days. a look at the microclimates now.
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upper 40s with patchy fog and mid 50s elsewhere. we are looking at 70s today widespread. looking at 66 in san francisco. 76 in the tri-valley. a much cooler temperature than yesterday coming off those 90s. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend coming up. golden gate bridge ready. >> ready for traffic. lanes are clear and reconfigured. two lanes northbound. we'll look at the maps and show a smooth flow of traffic. that red zone many toward livermore, typical pattern there. no surprises. down in san jose, they are all moving smoothly. sharks are playing so there will be a pregame celebration at sap center. palo alto, smooth drive here. 101 university avenue. no slowing for either side.
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next a scathing report reveals cracks in california's prison system. the alarming number of inmates not receiving adequate health care. coming up next. >> more trouble for a silicon valley company that cannot afford more trouble. an emotional reunion. after being severely beaten years ago, brian stowe reunites with his former co-workers.
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more than one-third of california's prisons are not providing adequate health care for their inmates. ==vo== that's the takeaway from a new more than 1/3 of california's prisons are not providing adequate health care for their inmates. the report finds problems persist. even though $2 billion has been spent on new medical equipment at facilities, and there were lawsuits filed, a rebuke from the supreme court of the united states requiring california to reform its system after all of that. still problems for the state's annual health care budget doubled over the past decade. 5:13. highlighting the dangers on the road. last night bay area cyclists came together. the annual ride of silence is a memorial ride to honor cyclists killed or injured while cycling. everyone attached signs with names of people they were riding in memory of. >> i'm riding today because a
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dear friend of myself and a lot of people i knew passed away. when she was hit by a car in brooklyn. >> obviously emotional. the ride of silence takes place in cities across the world. a very nice tribute. >> this next story is emotional. >> brian stowe has come a long way since he was severely beaten five years ago at dodger stadium. >> stowe met up with his former co-workers yesterday. that event was held to celebrate national ems week. stowe who was a paramedic before the attack was walking with crutches, laughing and joking around and catching up with friends. expo went through several surgeries after the attack and he has continued to make an incredible recovery. >> it's nice to see. >> a lot of hugs. the blood testing company
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theranos was defending itself now sayingist blood tests are undependable. >> really, this may be the end. >> i don't know where you go from here. theranos, its machines don't work at all. theranos raised billions of dollars on the promise it was a super secret device that can test from a single drop of blood for dozens of diseases and conditions. the superstar founder found herself defending her reputation and the company in the press and in government investigations, but this morning the "wall street journal" says theranos told doctors all over the country the tests run on its edison machines over the course of two years are invalid. doctors used them to prescribe medicine to patients. theranos issued this statement
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that read, "xoelens in quality and patient safety is our top priority." government insectors disagree. they are expected to issue a report that may ban elizabeth holmes from her own labs. tesla will offer more stock to raise money to pay for factories and equipment to build this model 3. watch tesla stock today. the secondary offering should send stock lower. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning to you. wall street could see more red arrows today. futures lower this morning. stocks erased early gains wednesday following the release of last month's fed meeting. they suggested several fed members are ready to raise interest rates as early as june if the economy keeps improving. looking for data on unemployment.
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walmart reporting better than expected results. up on three points to 17526, nasdaq ending up to 4739. back to you. google's conference continues today at shoreline ampetheater. he announced google home is a digital home. i want to point out a classy moment. that is ceo acknowledged right off the top before he even introduced the google home that amazon created the idea and they had done a good job building their echo. google is going to copy and try to make it better. that is normal in silicon valley. i thought that was a classy statement. >> to mention it? >> to acknowledge it right off the top. >> would that be like samsung saying, apple, your iphone
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really sweet. we have to step up our game. >> that is not what samsung did. >> thank you, scott. driverless taxis may be one of your best bets to get around san francisco. that is if a new vision from transportation leaders ever comes to pass. city leaders are reportedly brain storming their pitches to the federal government for a $5 million grant to bring that idea to life. department of transportation is offering seven smart city grants in all. that offer is inspiring the mayor's team to crack a blueprint including buses connected by technology, shared bikes and wireless taxi cabs. there is a new approach to deal with our drought. how much water you have to conserve depends where you live. the control board is allowing each to set its own conservation
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rules. a wet winter eased drought in some areas. but an order enacted last year will be lifted for many of us. >> all because of that monster el nino season. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. look at the camera, tell me kids, turn the water off when you brush your teeth. >> and turn the lights off, too. >> no 25 minute showers. >> we are going to have cooler temperatures moving in. the rain in the forecast. it doesn't look like a lot, but a little bit is much better than nothing. we take a live look from at&t park toward san francisco. we have a clear start to the day. sunrise happening soon. we take a look at some of these temperatures now. 53 in livermore, 55 in palo alto. san jose 56. feeling nice, about average this time of year. low 70s will be the high today.
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we are bringing it back down from those 90s we had to deal with. the seven-day forecast shows that cooling trend continues over the next few days. it will be in the low 60s for half moon day and embarcadero. oakland 71. dublin 76. a's forecast today we'll see that first pitch. mostly clear and winds will start to pick up. we could have gusts over 20 to 25 miles per hour. it will feel cool. definitely a change from what we had yesterday at the coliseum. as we look at some of those temperatures and trends, widespread 70s and 50s along the coast. we'll start to see more 60s for inland areas and 50s for the weekend. some major cooling on the way. with that cooling comes rain. scattered showers on saturday. not looking at a lot but off and on hit or miss showers saturday afternoon. keep that in the plans as you
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make your weekend plans. let's head to mike and roadways. >> we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. flashing lights on the edge of the screen there. we have folks starting the backup at the cash lane. this is typical at the bay bridge. from the city down to san jose, a smooth drive. we just have west 580 out of the all the mont east 580. watch for more slowing about 8:00. toward dublin, smooth drive west 580. that is your commute direction. north bay, no delays. easy drive out of the golden gate bridge. >> thank you, mike. coming up, rewriting history to make text books more diverse. the controversial proposal that could change how social studies is taught in school.
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>> live here to palo alto to tell you why dozens of students must retake their a.p. exams.
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there is so much pressure, so much studying when it comes to taking advanced placement classes, dozens of students have to retake their a.p. exams after the tests turned out to be invalid. >> that's a tough message to hear. bob redel on the error made by school officials. >> good morning to you.
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so far 169 students at gunn high are going to have to retake the a.p. biology and/or calculus exams because of the staff who administered the test. they sat students too close together. the college board realized the error when the school submitted the seating chart for the calculus exam. students sitting close together took the same version of the test which violates college board rules. the board investigated and found the same mistake with four other ap exams that will now have to be retaken. the board is still looking into six other tests. in its defense, the school district says gunn high has been using a similar protocol or seating arrangement for years. for students, the thought of having to retake the exam they spent so many hours studying for is stressful.
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>> i thought i had a big weight off my shoulder and discovered some were invalidated. that was a big bummer for me. i was upset that happened. >> it was a very difficult message to send to students. i know how hard our students worked to prepare. >> so far, 700 people signed a petition asking gunn staff to answer he'll other exams and projects so students could have more class time to study for the retake. the principal says teachers are trying to lighten the load. retakes are scheduled for the end of the month, right before graduation. >> thank you very much. let's stay in the classroom. california is trying to change the face of history. at least when it comes to our text books. a state education panel will meet later today to consider changes amidst changing demographics. 2/3 of students in california
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are latino or asian. critics say most school curriculums don't account for that diversity. the goal is to create a new framework for history and social study classes. 5:27. tracking breaking news overseas. a flight bound for egypt disappears off the radar leaving officials scrambling for answers. nearly a dozen gun control measures up for a vote in sacramento. who should make these decisions, law makers or voters? soon.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather good morning on your thursday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i appreciate your enthusiasm for every day. you always have pep. >> thank you. >> let's clear something up now. skies are clearing and temperatures are falling. >> this is going to be much nicer today. so hot yesterday. don't worry about that. you'll feel comfortable this afternoon. cooler in the north bay. 47 and 56 in the east bay. highs today reaching 66 in the city and east bay up to 72 to mid 70s for the north bay, south bay and low 70s for the peninsula. we'll talk about that cooler air.
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the wait has begun for the bay bridge. >> meter lights turned on now. we are not seeing slowing outside that toll plaza. there is the north bay. we'll zoom out and show you the rest of the bay. into t into the altamont pass. >> 531 back to breaking in yous from overseas. plane headed for paris vanishes off the radar. now the frantic search begins for egyptair flight 804. kris sanchez tracking all the overnight developments for us. >> in just the last 15 minutes or so, we learned that the usa navy is sending a p-3 aircraft to the mediterranean to help in that search and rescue
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operation. in the last few hours, the french president called the egypt jet disappearance a crash but says it is too soon to speculate how that plane came down. at a press conference still under way in cairo, it is a passionate interchange between the egyptian defense minister and journalists trying to get answers. this man said the plane made a right turn to the left, a sharp right turn left and full 360 as it dropped from cruising altitude of 37,000 feet to 15,000 feet. the egyptian prime minister not using the word "crash" at this point on purpose, but says a terror attack has not been ruled out. here is the flight tracker of 804 as it traveled from paris to cairo. french president confirmed that crash. no confirmation where the plane may have come down. only that it disappeared shortly after the pilot told civil aviation authorities everything
5:33 am
was routine. folks are waiting for news. there are 66 people onboard. 56 are passengers. there were three air marshals onboard which is routine for this size plane. one child, two infants. all from 12 different countries. all waiting for news. it does not appear there is any american among them. greek civil aviation authority banned flights 40 miles around the last point of contact with 804. they are search buying air and in the water about 170 miles off the egyptian coast. this is a plane that has a very good safety record. the airbus plane, but at this point the french president says it is a crash. security analyst told nbc news that the current indication leaning toward some sort of abrupt incident as opposed to some gradual malfunction. everything is on the table, including the possibility this may be terror related.
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kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much, kris. as this story continues to develop throughout the morning, you can follow the latest on our website. head to for up to the minute information. check out this bmw in the garage of a santa rosa house. police say the driver was traveling 100 miles through local city streets, eventually lost control and his car went through the yard of one home, kept going into the yard of another home and eventually slammed into the garage of the second home. this happened last night at franklin avenue and wright street. luckily nobody was hurt. the crash is still under investigation. it's 5:34 on your thursday morning. a man in a shootout with antioch police will be arraigned later today. 25-year-old mario serrano is expected to appear in court.
5:35 am
he is facing charges shooting an officer in the head. serrano allegedly attacked several police officers who were responding after he crashed a reported stolen car from pittsburgh. a renewed push to find a missing toddler. it's been over a month since her mother was found dead in a san francisco park. the family isn't giving up hope. >> we are optimistic that she is alive and well. >> the aunt of arianna joined san francisco police yesterday. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information in the disappearance of the 2-year-old. police are focusing on the people caring for the girl the day the mother disappeared. they initially gave conflicting statements and are now refusing to cooperate further. first on leave, now no longer on the force. that is the latest in the sexual
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misconduct scandal. investigators are not releasing the officers' names or details about their allegations. sources said multiple officers had sex with a minor last year. tightening gun laws in the golden state. sweeping new gun control measures will be voted on at our state capitol. stephanie chuang with details on some legislation being discussed. >> good morning. we are talking about nearly a dozen gun control measures. some respond to mass shootings. you may remember last december two terrorists used semi automatic rifles that had detachable ammunition magazines in the shooting deaths of 14 people. one proposed law would close a loophole and ban the manufacture and sale of the assault weapons with bullet buttons that have rapid replacement of magazines. people who own them will be
5:37 am
required to register them with the state as assault rifles. governor jerry brown said it was too broad and far reaching. republican law makers warned that limiting access to firearms and ammunition criminalizes law-abiding people. up for vote are ten other gun control bills a ban on manages holding 11 or more rounds, loaning firearms to friends and failing to report lost or stolen guns. gavin newsom who is running for governor is pushing voters that they should push these measures in november.
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live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. what the golden state warriors are accomplishing on the hard word. morning after thunder struck the oklahoma city. >> the game tied up in the late second quarter. doves went on. andre iguodala. 15 straight points in less than two minutes in the third. doves dominated oklahoma city. 118-91. >> i feel great joy. it's true. >> after the game, we are obviously disappointed.
5:39 am
we knew the chance for us to leave oklahoma city with a 1-1 split was right there. we had to take the game. >> the series' all tied up 1-1. game three is sunday night in oklahoma. >> that is a weight off steve kerrie's chest there. about the only blemish in last night's thumping happened on this sequence. the reaction from fans when steph curry went all out for a loose ball. he ends up in the stands no one in the stands tried to catch him, which was odd enough to begin with. one fan was having a good time taking candid shots. steph's elbow got banged up on that fall. he says he is okay. warriors' gm later joked if that same thing happens again, how about next time someone try to catch your prized mvp player? >> how do you do that? >> he looks 6'3".
5:40 am
>> come to mama. the sharks are back home after shutting out the st. louis blues 4-0. tying the series 1-1. the puck drops at 6:00. >> i'm hung up on the image of laura trying to catch him. let's get a lovely start to our thursday. >> such a relief to have cooler air moving into the bay area. summer lasted two days. now we are back to spring. heading outdoors in san jose. some clouds and mild temperatures this morning. sunrise happening at about 15 minutes. widespread 60s and 70s across the bay area. breezy and cooler tonight. sunset at 8:14. into the weekend, this cooling trend continues and we'll have scattered showers. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> this is by the truck stop
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southbound with the head light. look at your map. it is southbound. the bay looks good. we'll zoom into this red section. 880 from dakota. the dunbar bridge cut-off. originally i thought it was a caltrans moving there working on the k-rail overnight. there may have been a crash. hopefully no one is injured here. chp has yet to tell us what is going on. there is the backup at the bay bridge. up next, donald trump creating a political firestorm once again. the word he used to describe former president bill clinton. i know not everybody is interested in the stock market, but are you interested in pizza? we can talk about pizza. a new federal grant should help
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clear the way to keep california's high speed rail project on track. ==vo== a new federal grant should help clear the way to keep california's high speed rail project on track. the deal takes into account recent revisions that pushed back the completion date for the first leg of trk. it calls for $2.5 billion in
5:45 am
federal matching funds. the high speed rail's overall price tag at this point is now $64 billion. the revised high speed rail plan calls for that first leg to connect to central valley to san jose. in gilroy, the high speed rail authority will hold an open house to update where the project stands now. politics now and decision 2016. donald trump's campaign will meet with law makers on capitol hill after tossing out a bombshell last night. >> i'd say so. in an interview he brought up an old allegation against former president bill clinton. tracie potts live in wasngton, d.c., with all of the fallout this morning. >> yeah. trump made no bones about the fact he thinks bill clinton's infidelities and hillary clinton's response are fair game for this campaign. listen to parts of this interview with fox's sean hannity about some of the women clinton have been linked with in
5:46 am
the past. >> this is about exposure and in another case about groping and fondling and touching against a women's will. >> and rape. >> now, that allegation specifically from juanita broderick recanted. a spokesman says this is donald trump being donald trump, feeling attacks and licking his wounds. we probably have not heard the end of this. donald trump putting out there his 11 possible supreme court nominees. pretty early in the campaign to do that. the clinton campaign points out not one of them is a person of color. there are three women, all of them conservative jurists. >> no doubt a lot of people will talk about that conversation with hannity and trump. thank you. 5:46ju now. after weeks of delays, law makers moving forward with a
5:47 am
bill to help puerto rico manage its $70 billion debt. house republicans introduced the bill late yesterday. would create a board to oversee financial operations. more than 200,000 people left the u.s. territory in the past five years reducing the island's tax space. for lots of us trying to travel to exotic locations like puerto rico this summer, it's about more than shorts and sunscreen. there are going to be a record number of americans set to travel. today the tsa is getting an early start on the summer travel season. tsa says it is aggression recent staffing shortages that led to more than just long lines at some of the busiest airports like people sleeping out in cots at chicago's o'hare airport. leaders will demonstrate how prohibited items can impact wait times. >> federal government wants more information from alaska airlines about its purchase of virgin
5:48 am
america. >> scott mcgrew, you've got your virgin card? any chance the merger does not go through? >> this one will go through. last week a judge stopped the merger between staples and office depot. the justice department asked for more detail about alaska's plans. the second request. that delays the merger. had the doj not asked anything, the merger could have taken effect. the purchase of virgin america will combine two of the west coast carriers and that does raise anti-trust concerns. tesla will sell more stock. what we call a secondary offering, in order to raise more money to make the model three. we have said several times in the past, tesla did not have the funds to ramp up its production and it would have to offer more stock, which it just did. investors hate secondary offerings because when a company offers more stock, it dilutes
5:49 am
the existing stock. if i offered to sell you a slice of pizza for $2 and you and i understand by a slice i mean one of six slices of pizza, then i keep slicing that into smaller and smaller slices, you are not going to get very much pizza and mad you paid $2 for your pizza. which is why we expect tesla stock to slide this morning on the stock market. curious coincidence. goldman sacks rated tesla a buy. that might push the price higher. coincidence because goldman is one of the banks offering the secondary offering. goldman says the people who recommend stock and people who handle the selling of stock are two totally separate divisions and that is required by law. if we were to give goldman sacks the benefit of the doubt and could you debate whether they
5:50 am
deserve the benefit of the doubt. >> could be something fishy going on here. i'm disappointed. i thought we were getting slices of pizza. >> it's theoretical. we have to settle for milk. >> very different home invasion for a south bay family. 60 cows slowly barrelled into their backyard. can you imagine looking out the back window seeing that? a family in morgan hills is. these cows came from a ranch next door breaking through a wooden fence to where the grass really was greener. >> i look out the windows. everywhere in the backyard i see huge cows just reaching down, pulling up grass, pulling up plants, yanking them out at the root. it was shocking, devastating. >> move on over. the homeowners estimate the damage to their backyard to be a
5:51 am
couple of thousand dollars. rancher took full responsibility and is promising to cover the costs. >> the cows are taking over down there. >> watch out. >> no how now brown cow. it is really green grass there courtesy of all the rain we've been getting. >> it's slowly turning brown though. we'll see some slight chance of rain in the forecast this weekend. not looking at a lot. better than nothing. let's take a live look outside. san francisco starts out with clouds in spots. mostly clear. temperatures are a lot milder. this is what we can expect as we go through the day. feeling about average. as we drop in on the east bay, 54 in walnut creek. brentwood at 61. we already have a wide range of temperatures.
5:52 am
47 now in the north bay. as the seven-day forecast comes up, you'll see temperatures continue to dip. as we break it down for oakland today, clouds this morning. at 9:00, it will be 61. to the upper 60s today getting rid of those 90s. a look at all the microclimates. mid 70s in the south bay, san jose 75. burlingame 69. santa rosa 75. breezy northwesterly winds. scattered showers in the forecast for this weekend. it starts out in the north bay for friday evening. the rest of us won't see it until about saturday afternoon when we start to see rain moving in into all of the bay area.
5:53 am
very hit or miss. it's looking like about 0.1 inch or less. in some spots more. maybe up to 1/4 inch. something we'll watch for your saturday afternoon plans. shout out to friends on facebook live. tune in by clicking on our facebook page nbc bay area. how is it looking on the roads now? >> looking great. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. we see that about this time. no surprises. we are looking at green flow for traffic sensors along that peninsula. slower drives to the east bay. look at these sessions. altamont pass. we know about that one. going to zoom in toward 880 southbound. we still have a lot of slowing. this is a section where there was overnight work going on for the k-rail. they may be clearing, but there
5:54 am
may have been a fender bender. chp hasn't given us much detail. that flowing blends in with the slowing out of hayward. there is a slow drive toward the dunbarton bridge. this is your typical pattern for silicon valley. no delays. easy drive right now north of university. back to you. >> looking good. up next, a showdown over the death penalty in california. supporters coming together today to continue a conversation over executions in the golden state. first, happening now, we are keeping a close eye on breaking story overseas. a jetliner disappearing over the mediterranean sea. nbc news is devoting many resources to the egyptair story. we are tweeting updates with up to the minute information. you can watch a special report from nbc news. airbus a-320. the house of representatives
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5:56 am
5:57 am
have passed a bill to fight the spread of the zika virus. ==v 5:57. house of representatives have passed a bill to fight the spread of the zeka virus. the republican-backed bill would provide $622 million to fight the virus. a senate bill would give $1 billion to the cause. there is some work to come to an agreement. president obama is asking for $2 billion.
5:58 am
at 5:57 happening today, california death penalty supporters will submit signatures for a ballot measure they hope kick starts inmate executions. supporters will streamline what they consider to be a broken system. california last executed a death row inmate ten years ago. several news conferences are planned around the state to draw attention to the measure that includes one today in the bay area in san mateo. a competing measure on the november ballot calls to eliminate capital punishment all together. 5:58. san francisco requires that hosts register and follow certain rules. tonight at 11:00, we go under cover to show how easy it is to find people renting out their homes illegally. those following the rules are speaking out.
5:59 am
homeowners who legally rent out their place say abuse in the industry is hurting them. >> people buying up whole houses and converting them into short-term rentals. the people have no place to go. >> you're upset people are abusing the short-term rental system and taking away housing stock. >> yes. there is no reason for that. >> what is the city doing about it? we get answers in part one of our two part series that kicks off tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip, give us a call or send an e-mail to the unit at kris sanchez in the newsroom. monitoring the disappearance of egyptair airplane. one president is calling it a crash and another defense minister says it's too soon. a driver going 100 miles per
6:00 am
hour through city streets loses control. hear from the man working inside this garage the moment the car came crashing through. what fans didn't do has a lot of people talking this morning. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we are talking about people. we've got mike here with the roads. >> it will feel better today. as you head out, this is what you need to know. mild temperatures, sunrise happening as we speak. it will be mostly sunnyod


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